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Church History

Built and founded by the Dominican Fathers, St. Theresa’s Church began in a small way, a true reflection of the little ways of our patron saint St. Therese. Holy Mass was offered on Sundays in a small shed, and after mass Fr. Frendo had coaxed the people to buy a brick to build the church. The benevolent and the affluent had contributed generously for the purpose. A marble brick adorns the wall at the entrance to the church bearing testimony to those who supported magnanimously.

When the Dominicans were compelled to leave Sri Lanka, impressed by the preaching’s of the Redemptorists, they had requested the late Cardinal Cooray to hand the church to the Redemptorist priests and thus in 1965 the parish was handed over to the Redemptorist Congregation Fr. Marcus Manatunga as appointed as St. Theresa’s first Redemptorist Parish Priest.


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