Places to Pray
Get closer to God

Places to Pray

At St Theresa’s, we believe that God exists within us and we can speak to him anytime, anywhere.

We have numerous locations within our premises where you can speak to him and pray in peace.

The Blessed Sacrament is exposed every week day and Saturday from 7.00am 6.00pm encouraging worshippers to spend time in solitude with God through personal prayer and meditation.

Just at the left of the main entrance, the Chapel is a quiet and peaceful place to silently present petitions to our Blessed Mother. Our Mother of Perpetual help is ever ready to intercede for the needs of her children and to obtain special graces from Jesus.

Located at the Right wing of the Church, the chapel holds a beautiful statue of St. Therese, waiting to drop down a rose from heaven. A large wooden frame adorns the side wall, narrating the wonderful story about the family of saints, inspiring us all to follow in their footsteps.

At the right side of the main altar, the Risen Lord stands victorious, looking upon the faithful, beckoning every heart to come to him, with the promise of eternal life.

The symbol of unending love and mercy welcomes everyone to enter into Christ’s oasis of divine mercy, flowing from His most sacred heart.

Stop for a while and offer a prayer seeking the intercession of this great yet humble Saint. A Bishop, Doctor of the Church, and the founder of the Redemptorist Congregation, St Alphonsus watches over the faithful and guides them on their spiritual journey.

Take a moment to say a prayer and leave your special intentions under the statue of St Joseph, trusting in his intercession.

Every mother, young and old alike, seek the intercession of this wonderful saint who with abounding love intercedes for the needs of expectant mothers, children and those falsely accused.

Surrounded by sweet flowers, the beautiful Infant Jesus eagerly awaits to answer the prayers of the faithful.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus statue is placed right in front of the Belfry and beckons to all with a heart set ablaze with infinite love for the faithful.

Located at the left side of the Church, a peaceful and serene place, the Grotto is frequented by many who pray to Our Lady of Lourdes, who lovingly looks down upon her children who seek her intercession and blessings.

Standing tall on either side of our main entrance, these saints are ever ready to intercede for our needs.