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The Murals

Four enormous murals created by Richard Don Gabriel, (one of Sri Lanka’s most talented pioneering artists of the 43 Group), crown this elegant place of worship. Completed in the early 1960s, the vibrancy of the work remains intact to this day, untarnished by time. The work of art has a Sri Lankan flavour and culture ingrained in to it without over-riding the murals of their inherent aesthetic value.

St. Therese is depicted in a state of glory, attended by cherubs playing tambourines, dancing the “Leekeli” (a traditional dance with wooden sticks) and blowing “Horanewas” (A traditional Sri Lankan wind instrument, used to mark a moment of triumph). Above this mural is another colourful illustration, portraying the presentation of the Rosary to Saint Dominic, the founder of the Order of Dominicans.

The main body of the Church showcases richly colourful illustrations of the fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary along with other works of art such as the Dominican Saints, St. Albert the Great and the Doctors of the Church.